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Review Weekend Language

I read the book from Andy Craig and Dave Yewman called “Weekend Language: Presenting with More Stories and Less PowerPoint” (2013, pp. 114).

The book provides a few simple and helpful tips on how to improve your presentation skills woven around the concept of story telling. Unfortunately, the text is bloated, repetitive and lacks substance. For each hint, which the authors give, they do not explain how to implement it in detail. Instead, multiple examples are given to proof their point, but those do not help the reader to actually implement any hint. I suggest to cut down on the bloat and provide more substantial help for future revisions. Also, the ongoing advertisment of their consulting services is bothersome.

For the sake of other potential readers, who might waste time & money, I summarised the whole of the book in the following short list (SPOILERS):

  • Journalism 101
  • Inverted Pyramid
  • Meaning & Attention First, then details
  • Stories/Anecdotes/Examples/Hypotheticals/Imagine
  • Story before PowerPoint slides
  • You are in the center, not the slides
  • Do it for the audience. What is in for them?
  • Answer So what? and Who cares?
  • Use easy2understand English, clear and simple. Feynman-style (for audience)
  • Practice.
  • Structure and Agenda (incl estimated time), “signposting“
  • Pause and Pace
  • Motion and “no podium“, present naked
  • Gesture, Mimics, Eye Contact, Smile
  • check the stage
  • Video footage and evaluation forms
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

each minute of a fabulous presentation takes 1 hour of presentation.