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Review Land Of The Sons

I read the book “Land of the Sons” from Gipi (2018).

It is a pretty decent graphic novel, which falls of in the last third of the book. The story is about a dystopian world and two boys coming of age and trying to survive. The art style is unique and compelling, even though I had difficulties to decipher all the details in some crowded scenes. The author uses different perspectives and drawn mimics to portray the characters, which makes them genuine and authentic. The plot and development of characters is convincing as well as the worldbuilding—at least in the first half of the book.

Unfortunately, it falls off after the first half, as plot and character development do not match the depicted world anymore. For the sake of spoilers, I do not go into further into detail. Despite the shortcomings, I liked the book due to its dystopian world and art style and can recommend to read it. It is a quick read after all (2-3 hrs).